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Bowling in a Wheelchair Could be the Experience of Your Life With Proper Equipment 

If you ever played the Nintendo Wii and played Wii sports then you will know how fun bowling can be. Bowling is fun for a wheelchair as it is fun as a person that is not disabled. We all want to go out and get a couple strikes to impress our friends. Practically every bowling lane has wheelchair accessible lanes or they offer wheelchair adaptive equipment like THIS. You can also purchase your own but it is better if you just use the one that they offer at the lanes. There is much different equipment you can use it all just depends if you need it or not. For this article, you will be informed of ways to get started in bowling if you have not been bowling yet. Also, you will know what you can get as adaptive equipment to use in the lanes and links will be provided to the product so you can purchase.

bowling in a wheelchair

           Getting Started

To get started you need to consider the distance in you will go find a bowling lane that accommodates to wheelchair users. Research the location to make sure it does not have a lot of bad reviews because a couple bad reviews are not too bad it happens. Something else to keep I mind is who you are going with or who is going to take you. The best choice would be to go with your friends or your family to just have fun. If the bowling lane does not offer adaptive equipment then you can buy your own and take it with you but make sure they are okay with you taking it.

adaptive equipment

Adaptive Equipment

If you have a high level of disability then a bowling ramp will be a good choice. Bowling ramps help a lot because you do not need much physical effort. It is used to guide and roll the bowling ball into the alley to help you get that strike you are looking for. There are two ways the ramp can work, one is the ramp can be bought with a quick release button at the top of it to let the person have easy access to it. The other form of using it is without the button as just using the force of the wheelchair itself. The second way works better when you have a motorized wheelchair so you won’t have to worry about the weight of the ramp and the ball. Moving on to the next adaptive equipment piece is a bowling ball adaption. If you have trouble lifting a bowling ball because of the three holes it has then you use a bowling ball handle. This handle is spring loaded and will insert itself into the ball once the ball is thrown down the alley.

bowling in a wheelchair

The Bowling Alley

After you finish buying the stuff you need or making sure the alley has its perks then you can plan out the day you will go if you have not already. If it is possible to make some reservations because bowling alleys tend to get packed on weekends and the wait time could be up to two hours.    

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