A Guide to Bowling in a Wheelchair

Athletes of all levels now participate in wheelchair sports, including bowling. Wheelchair bowling is very competitive and increasing in popularity. In fact, the American Wheelchair Bowling Association boasts more than 500 members. While a few people try wheelchair bowling without special equipment, many take advantage of an ever-increasing variety of adaptive tools that make bowling in a wheelchair easier and more fun.

Some wheelchair athletes enjoyed bowling prior to their disability. They might try wheeling themselves to the foul line, swinging the ball back and trying to put spin on it as they release the ball.Unfortunately, this approach does not generate the momentum needed to put speed and spin on the ball.

Getting a rolling start is also difficult, in that it is hard to move the chair forward, throw the bowling ball and stop short of the foul line. While motorized wheelchairs offer some advantages over standard models, it is still difficult to manage speed and spin. Fortunately, there are many different types of adaptive bowling equipment designed to assist a wheelchair bowler such as ball ramps, ball grip handles, and ball pushers.

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