For those who have severe disabilities or mobility problems, a wheelchair lift performs a very useful function. These lifts can easily transfer disabled persons in many different situations. They let the disabled person do more and it gives them a sense of freedom.


Convenience is one of the main advantages of the hydraulic wheelchair residential lift. Users can also expect a high level of quality and a device that is secure and safe to use.

Easy Motion

Ease of motion is another benefit of the hydraulic wheelchair residential lifts. It operates smoothly and the user can expect a relaxing ride without any sudden jerks or movements. The user can easily operate the wheelchair lift and there are no sudden or jerky movements even when starting or stopping.

Very Quiet

Another great advantage for the disabled individual of the hydraulic wheelchair lift is that they are very quiet. This is a great feature to have for a machine of this size. The hydraulic wheelchair lift is so quiet because unlike a device with an engine, they hydraulic lift does not have any such noisy parts.

No Electricity Needed

The hydraulic residential wheelchair lift does not need electricity to function correctly. No need to be worried about racking up huge monthly electricity bills like conventional electrical lifts. The hydraulic lift uses liquid to perform its mechanical functions; therefore, you save on electricity while providing a safe and reliable mobility solution for your loved ones.

More Efficient

The hydraulic residential wheelchair is also very efficient. Even if there is a power outage, the lift is still functional. Therefor the disabled or elderly person can still safely use the lift on their own. They are a perfect mobility solution for places that don’t have access to electricity.

Easy Fittings

Hydraulic lifts can be installed in many different locations such as vehicles, buses etc. They are very easy to install and can provide access for disabled persons to many more areas. Compared to other lifts, the hydraulic lift is more expensive due to its availability. However, when you look at the safety features and the monthly saving on electricity, the hydraulic residential wheelchair lift might be a cheaper option in the end.



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