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Manual Wheelchairs Come Standard with a Brake System

A wheelchair with brakes is common for manual wheelchairs, we provide a large selection of manual wheelchair with brakes, including light wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, ultra lightweight wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs, tilt wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, and pediatric wheelchairs.

All of our manual wheelchairs come standard with brakes, the self-propelled models, where the brakes are placed above the wheels to provide easy and instant access to the braking system without feeling uncomfortable doing so.

Companion Chairs

We also provide wheelchairs with brakes that are companion wheelchairs, which means the user must be pushed by another individual, the braking system on these types of wheelchairs are placed on the handle bars that poke out of the back of the wheelchair, on top of the backrest.

This allows the caregiver to use the braking system at any point during a ride. Some of our wheelchairs also come with both braking systems, the self-propelled lever braking system, and also the companion/caregiver braking system.

Brakes are standard for manual wheelchairs for any type of wheelchair, it is a safety mechanism that is built into the chair to prevent accidents and also to provide a smooth ride through and through.

Aftermarket Replacement Brake Parts

There is also the option of buying aftermarket braking systems, which we do not provide but can quickly be found through a google search. We also provide replacement parts for our braking systems, if the product needs a new brake cylinder or brake tips, we can provide these replacement parts through a large number of online dealers that stock our products.

When the wheelchair was invented in ancient Greece, at that time and up to a certain point in history, wheelchairs were not built with brakes, meaning that if the person was being pushed by another individual, the person pushing the user would have full responsibility of braking in advance in order to avoid an accident.

Self-propelled wheelchairs only came into existence in the latter part of the 20th century, where independence was being promoted to allow wheelchair users to self-propel their equipment, without the need of a caregiver or companion to push the chair.

Wikipedia – Wheelchairs

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      Yes, all wheelchair have brakes, but not all wheelchairs have handle bar brakes. Companion brakes are another word, but standard chairs all comes with brakes the users can access.

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