Handicap vans can have a huge impact on the wheelchair user and their family. The van has to be properly equipped to accommodate the needs of the disabled person. To properly equip these vans, structural changes have to be made to the floor, ceiling and even the dashboard.

Mobility aids such as ramps, lifts, wheelchair restraints and hand controls will have to be installed. The wheelchair has to be properly restrained, if the disabled person occupies it or not. While the vehicle is in motion, the wheelchair has to be restrained for the safety of all the passengers. Restraints can vary in costs from as low as $50 to over $1,000 dollars.

3 Kinds Of Wheelchair Restraints

Tie-Down: These keep the wheelchair secured while the vehicle is driving. They are best used for wheelchairs that are not occupied or for a wheelchair that is stored on an external platform lift. It might be difficult to remove slack, compared to other restraints, once the wheelchair is restrained in place.  Tie-down are the cheapest option for securing wheelchairs.

Manual Restraints

These restraints have to be attached to the wheelchair. They are then manually tightened to give a safe and secure ride.

They can be used when someone is in the wheelchair, but they restraints have to be properly tightened to eliminate any slack. Manual restraints come in various brands and price ranges.

Electric Locking Systems

These are the best restraining systems money can buy and they provide excellent safety, dependability, and convenience. The system permits the restraints to be easily placed; the slack is automatically taken up giving the user the best possible stability. Most of them come with an indicator that confirms that the lock is safely and securely in place. These are the best types of restraints for wheelchairs that are occupied while the handicap van is in motion. They are the most expensive and there are a few different brands on the market.

You can also get restraints that perform like seat belts. These allow the wheelchair user to remain upright while in motion and the added safety in case of sudden stops. These restraints can be used to provide additional security to the wheelchair user when the van is moving. In terms of overall security, these are the best option for a wheelchair occupant.

It is best for all passengers if a quality restraint is used if the wheelchair is occupied or not, when the handicap vehicle is in motion.


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