You just never know when an accident or illness will leave you are a loved one disabled temporarily or permanently and incapable of moving around independently. There are many options available on the market for mobility devices. Don’t be confused with all the bells and whistles or become discouraged by the high price of some of these devices. If you are going to have a full-time caregiver, a low cost wheelchair might be a good option to look into before spending a substantial amount on a power wheelchair.

How Are Transport Wheelchairs Different?

You have probably seen transport wheelchair in hospitals and clinics, they have 4 small wheels of the same size. They do require a caregiver or someone to push it for mobility but it also designed to provide comfort to the user. It is much trickier for the user to move one of these wheelchairs on their own, so be sure before buying one that an able-bodied person is available to provide mobility.

Regular wheelchairs come with pneumatic wheels that have to be well maintained for the wheelchair to function properly and not lose air pressure. They have big wheels at the rear with a rim that can be used to propel the chair. As mentioned earlier a transport chair has 4 small wheels and the grips on the back of the seat provides an easy way to maneuver the wheelchair for the caregiver.

A patient with some functionality in their legs can move the transport wheelchair forward or backwards within a limited range.

Why Get One?

The people who would benefit most from using a transport wheelchair are patients suffering from illnesses where they can no longer use their hands or arms or those who cannot support themselves or keep their upper bodies erect.

They would need a caregiver’s assistance at all times, and using a transport wheelchair makes sense for the following reasons.

  • To begin with, a transport wheelchair is a more economical and practical choice compared to an electric power one. Since a caregiver’s assistance is required to move, these chairs are safer choice.
  • Second, the transport wheelchair is lower than a regular wheelchair, which makes transferring the patient into and out of the chair by the caregiver much easier.
  • Third, they are easier to transport and store compared to a regular wheelchair. They fold easily and weigh just 14 lbs.

Perfect for Transitional Patients

A transitional patient is an individual who is temporarily disabled due to an accident, or short-term illness such as a stroke. They will need assistance getting around but only for the short term. It makes sense economically to buy or even rent a transport wheelchair for situations like this. A caregiver will be needed to assist them for the short term while they recuperate.


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