Wheelchair ramps offer accessibility to buildings and other locations where there are stairs or an obstacle where the user is required to get across. The maximum elevation for a ramp is a ratio of 1:12. Even though the ratio may seem low and the ramp may seem like it is not steep, you should still be very wary of the things that can happen that may end up injuring the person in the wheelchair or yourself. How to Push a Wheelchair on Ramps

Anti-Tippers and Their Importance

One of the first things that are recommended when you are using a wheelchair ramp is anti tippers. Anti-tippers are used to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over backwards while the user is seated. This device consists of 2 tiny wheels and 2 arms that are connected to the back of the chair right below the rear wheels. Some chairs can come standard with anti-tippers, while with other chairs you can order the anti-tippers as an option item. They usually come installed on the chair so you can use them right of out the box. When using a wheelchair ramp, it is very important to have these anti-tippers to prevent the wheelchair from being at an angle where there is a chance the wheelchair will tip over.

Getting Up a Wheelchair Ramp

If you are propelling yourself up the ramp with no assistance, these tips may help you avoid injury. When you come to the beginning of the ramp, you will need to lean upwards or uphill into the angle of the ramp. This will help you create balance as you begin to propel up the ramp. If you are being pushed by another individual, this process can be a lot easier since you will the support of another person behind you, lowering the probability of injury. As a safety precaution, the first time that you attempt to go up a ramp, you should have someone behind you just in case you cannot make it to the top without assistance. If you are being assisted going down a ramp, you should lean towards the back of the chair with the angle of the ramp.

Hands on Brake Handles During the Whole Process

While in the action of going down the ramp, you should make sure that you aren’t getting ahead of yourself or propelling way too fast for a ramp. You should have your hands on the brakes on both sides just to make sure you have a grip on the brake lever in case you are going to fast.    

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