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Which lightweight portable wheelchair ramps should I buy?

Lightweight portable wheelchair ramps are designed for ease of use and are made from durable material. These wheelchair ramps are often foldable and are easier to store than conventional or custom ramps. They are perfect for both manual and electric wheelchairs, as well as many walking aids such as a 4 wheel scooter.

Lightweight portable wheelchair ramps are extremely lightweight and for this reason they are easier to transport and store than many other types of wheelchair ramps.

Lightweight portable ramps are made to be ultra lightweight, compact, and user friendly;There is a large selection of ramps from a different number of dealers on the web, light weight ramps are usually sturdy and very dependable with a robust 500-600 weight capacity, they are also convenient to store.

Looking for a Lightweight Wheelchair Ramp

Lightweight folding ramps provide you with a safe and easy way to navigate through doorways, raised landscape, large curbs and any other obstacle that may be in your way. Portable ramps are more efficient than permanent ramps because they are inexpensive if you do not have the money or time to buy/build a permanent wheelchair ramp.

Many of the lightweight portable wheelchair ramps that are sold online and at distributors, are made from aluminum which explains their overall lighter weight; aluminum ramp frames are also great in preventing rusting and assure that your ramp will last you a long time.

There is many ways to figure out what type of wheelchair ramp you may need for your lifestyle, important factors include stairs to main doorway, if it will be used for vehicles, you should measure from the ground straight up to the highest point of the vehicle floor, or if you have a porch you will have to measure the same way that you would measure the ramp for a vehicle.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps


How to Measure for a Truck, SUV, Minivan or Van Ramp

Resources for lightweight portable wheelchair ramps

Manual Wheelchairs available through Karman Healthcare


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