Anyone who is confined to a wheelchair due to a disability can appreciate the need for wheelchair donations. Many physically disabled persons don’t have the resources to buy the wheelchair that is appropriate for their needs. There are a number of ways you can help those who have a need for wheelchairs. Numerous international organizations provide wheelchairs for those who need them but cannot afford their own. A cash donation to one of these organizations or even better donating a new wheelchair can bring hope and inspiration back to the lives of the physically disabled and give them a sense of freedom as they go about their everyday lives. How to: Donating Wheelchairs to the Disabled

Disability Statistics

Over 100 million people worldwide have a physically disability. This number does not include those who have been removed from society and forgotten. These disabilities can be a result of accidents, war injuries, illness or disease, birth defects or just from old age. Many war torn countries have physically disabled people who got their disability from unexploded weapons or land mines. The World Health Organization estimates that over 29,000 people are disabled annually because of landmines. This number does not include unreported cases or the deaths caused by the land mine explosions.

People that Require Wheelchairs

Whatever the cause, the need for wheelchairs is still very much there. The greatest need for wheelchair donation is in developing countries, where wheelchair necessity will increase by at least 22% over the next decade. In some of these developing countries, many of the disabled persons are bed ridden and those who are not use their arms as their means of mobility. These disabled people also deserve the dignity of being able to move freely around their homes and community. Your donation of funds or actual wheelchairs will go a long way in helping them become mobile. You can donate to the Wheelchair Foundation program, which send wheelchairs all over the world. They do not deliver individual wheelchairs; they deliver them in bulk instead to areas where they are needed most.

Used Wheelchairs for Donation

Non-profits like Hope Alliance International, Chariots of Hope and Direct Relief International also work to provide wheelchairs internationally. These organizations also receive donations of used wheelchairs and they have the ability to deliver chairs to specific individuals. When a used chair is donated, the organization makes any necessary repairs and it is then shipped to any adult or child who needs the wheelchair. All the organizations can use your generosity to help the physically disabled regain freedom and hope. Give generously today and make a real difference in the life of a physically disabled person.

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