Learning About Showers For The Disabled

There are a number of devices that make daily life a little easier for disabled people and the showers for disabled people are a great example. All newer public malls have stalls made specifically for wheelchair-bound customers. There are also parking spots reserved specifically for disabled persons. If you are disabled or know someone who is disabled, take advantage of showers for disabled people.

These devices are designed to make life easier, which directly increases the quality of life. Disabled people are usually seated when taking a shower, which makes shower chairs the ideal device for their purposes. No standing bar or shower lift is required when using a shower chair.

If you are going to be sitting to have a shower, the shower should accommodate you when you are in a lower position. Therefore an adjustable shower head should be installed. Other physically able family members can also use the adjustable shower head. This will save lots of money because you don’t have to do a major renovation to your bathroom.

If you are building a brand new shower, there are a number of options for people with disabilities. Before you do a final installation, you will have to do a bit of research. The bigger your budget, the more features you can have installed, but there are options available for all budgets. The adjustable shower head should be at the top of the list.

You will also want to make sure that you can comfortably soap your body while in a seated position. Soap with a string attached is another important thing to keep in mind. If the soap slips from your hand it won’t fall out of reach on the bathroom floor.

The taps should be installed at a lower level so that you can control the water while in a seated position. Some newer bathrooms actually have two sets of taps, a higher set and a lower set. They both control the same water supply and it is convenient for everyone who uses the shower.

Besides the shower, you should also think about what kind of chair you want. Look for ones that are stable, sturdy and easy to clean. They should allow you to safely clean your entire body from a seated position.


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