Man’s best friend always had a special place in his master’s heart from the time of immemorial.  There is no doubt that man would do anything to make his best friend’s life better, even if his best friend is confronted with a disability.

This love and devotion has resulted in the wheelchair for dogs or as it is sometimes called the dog cart. The biggest challenge in designing the perfect dog wheelchair is the variety in sizes of dogs that could range from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane.

Using a Dog Wheelchair

Some conditions that might require the use of a dog wheelchair include spinal problems, dysplasia and arthritis among others. The dog wheelchair is an ideal mobility solution that allows the dog to run, walk and do many of their daily activities that will keep them happy and healthy.

The dog wheelchair should provide support to the front, rear and quads. They are 4 important components of a dog wheelchair which are the wheels, skeletal frame, harness and the support saddle. Other accessories like stirrups or counter weights are included to help balance dogs without limbs.

Dog Carts

The dog that lost its hind or fore limbs has their quality of life is greatly improved with a dog wheelchair.  Even quadriplegic pets have regained mobility from using dog carts. These carts are also useful for dogs suffering from vertebrae problems, degenerative mylopathy, hip dysplasia, neurological problems, spinal problems and cervical or disc disease.

It might be challenging for the dog to lie and rest normally but they can perform their various daily activities using the wheelchair. You will need to consult with your vet and the dogcart maker to find a wheelchair suitable for your dog.

Quad or Bipedal Dog Wheelchair

Unless the dog is acutely disabled, a quad wheelchair might not be needed. The wheelchair can be modified to suit the needs of the dog especially if further impairment such as tumor development or amputation occurs.

Most dogs adjust to their cart in a couple of days. The dogs can quickly adjust to their new mobility conditions with just a little help from his human friend. Dog carts are available for almost any kind of dog disability and selecting the correct wheelchair for your dog’s needs is important and will help him adjust much quicker.

Explore other wheelchair options for your dog before jumping right to the worst case scenario.


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