Part of being a caregiver means learning ins and outs of wheelchair etiquette. This is not only something a caregiver should abide by, but everyone that ever meets anyone in a wheelchair. Addressing someone in a wheelchair is a crucial part of the job.

Always remember to speak to the person in the wheelchair and not the person next to him or her. Not directly addressing the person is an extremely rude thing to do as it completely disregards the person as not being competent enough to have a conversation with you.

A caregiver is supposed to support a handicapped individual, not act for them.

Caregiver Pushing The Wheelchair User In Public

Remember that when in crowded places, handles or other objects sticking out of the wheelchair can prove to be a hazard for people walking by. During a busy period, people can trip and fall on these objects leaving a potential for injury. Remember to safely position the wheelchair when sitting down at a restaurant or public place.

Being a caregiver for an individual in a wheelchair involves understanding exactly how the wheelchair works. This means having the knowledge to provide regular maintenance for the wheelchair. Tires, handles, and cushions are all things that you should be familiar with.

An improperly maintained wheelchair is prone to accidents so make sure that you are always taking the adequate amount precaution during checkup.

Wheelchair Etiquette For Caregivers

Remember that a wheelchair is seen as an extension of the person in it. Never grab the wheelchair and force the individual to go a certain direction. This can be looked at similarly to grabbing someone by their shoulders and forcing them to do something. It’s uncomfortable and inconsiderate.

A person in a wheelchair is at a disadvantage physically and should be treated with respect when it comes to matters like these. If an individual wishes to leave and tries to leave, you should never prevent them from doing so by overpowering them physically.

Maneuvering A Wheelchair For Caretakers

Navigating with a wheelchair can be tricky. As a caregiver you might often see yourself having issues with terrain. Remember to always use safe pushing techniques to avoid falls or injury. Small rocks or rocky terrain can cause many hazards for individuals in wheelchairs so always be weary of the condition of the road you are traveling on.

It is important to always pay attention while pushing someone as any distraction poses the same hazards as driving. Accidents and injuries mainly occur due to an absent mind.



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