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Can people in wheelchairs travel? Many of the general public do not think that people in wheelchairs can travel, however, this is simply not true. Yes, it does require some extra planning and for many wheelchair users, a companion. Some might believe that it would be a nuisance to travel with a wheelchair user as a companion, but the truth of the matter is that your trip can still be filled with fun.

The extra planning that goes into a trip, though necessary, can introduce you to something you would never have experienced. Some people are opened up to new worlds. One example is museums. Museums are a wonderful way for everyone to educate themselves on the past and can be fun when you immerse yourself in the art world.

People everywhere think that being in wheelchair is an inhibitor that keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest. Those people are wrong. As long as you are happy and are doing things you enjoy, you can still have a very fulfilling life; the wheelchair does not define who you are. If you love to travel, go out and travel. Do copious amounts of research on the places you’d like to visit and the attractions that are better suited to your needs.

Of course, to travel you need to find a wheelchair that is more practical. Look for lightweight or travel wheelchairs that will be most accommodating. The lightweight wheelchairs will be very useful when travelling because they are not heavy and bulky.

Transportation is definitely something you need to look into. Find out which cities and countries are the most wheelchair accessible and be sure to plan how you will be getting from one destination to the next. This will save you from longer travel time while giving you more time to take in the sights.

In addition to transportation, you have to find hotels or motels that are wheelchair accessible. Be sure to plan this! You don’t want to go to a different city or country and realize that none of the overnight places are particularly accommodating to you. Be sure to research which places are better to stay at and try to get the room on the floor you want.

Though all of this planning may feel overwhelming for some, just remember that this amount of planning is necessary for anyone taking a trip! You want to be sure and experience as much of a new location as possible to get the most out of your time there.

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