You may choose to purchase brand new wheelchair technology.

User New Wheelchair Technology Design

Wheelchair design should be adjusted to the user, it is important to understand the possibilities and needs of a user to execute a chair design and fit the user to the correct wheelchair.

Physical capacity also comes into question when thinking about wheelchair user design, knowledge of the peak power output of a person can be a great indicator of how intensively they self-propel and with what kind of pressure they propel a wheelchair.

Wheelchair user design is important for many reasons, one of the aspects of chair design is that of motor skill learning, rehabilitation involves learning the new task of self-propelling a new wheelchair wheel.

Self-propelling a wheelchair can take more than just being physically able to do so, low-intensity training has shown positive results with the majority of wheelchair users.

New Wheelchair Technology

Seat Height and Position In the chair

The body position of a wheelchair user with respect to the wheel axle, influences propulsion. Seat height as the elbow angle while sitting in a wheelchair with a hand on top of the centre of the wheel, is one of the ways a wheelchair feature was turned into an important factor of a wheelchair.

Seat to backrest angle has been analyzed and were found to not be an effect against shoulder average and peak moments while using a wheelchair, these specs can be used towards goals such as comfort and pressure modulation.

Studies on vertical and horizontal changes of wheelchair wheel axles, revealed that only vertical changes in seat height to be of any influence to the user.

Handrim Technology

The handrim on a new wheelchair can be considered part of the new wheelchair user design, since it involves the user conducing energy onto the handrim in order to propel themselves forward or backwards.

Many new wheelchair technology features have been added to the handrim of a wheelchair, one of the most advanced versions of this technology, is ergonomic handrims.

Ergonomic handrims allow the person to propel themselves comfortably, the shape design of an ergonomic handrim is different than conventional handrims, since it is designed to fit a user’s hand posture and positioning.

Long term use of a wheelchair handrim can have skin damaging results, with ergonomic handrims, the pressure placed on a handrim reduces and the energy conduced into the material is lower than conventional handrims.


New Wheelchair Technology

New wheelchair means newer technology, such as, better material, features, and parts.

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Stand Wheelchairs - Wheelchair Mobility

New Design

New wheelchair also may mean a new design, wheelchair versions can be become outdated.

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Which Type of New Wheelchair Is Right For Me?

New wheelchairs come in many different categories.

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