Physician Approved Wheelchair


A wheelchair that is approved by a doctor is more than likely very comfortable, lightweight, and also has features that cater to the patient’s condition or needs.

The first thing to do to get a wheelchair approved or recommended by your physician is to set up an appointment with your physician for a face to face check up, including a physical and mental survey that will give you and your doctor more of an idea of what type of wheelchair device you require.

Doctor Recommendation

By default, Medicare requires you the patient to set up a check up with your doctor before the doctor can write you a prescription for your condition. The first thing the doctor will consider on your visit is what type of mobility equipment you require for daily activities.

How To Get A Doctor Approved Chair

Minor conditions may only require the use of a crutch, cane, or knee walker. While other conditions may require the use of some type of manual wheelchair, some advanced conditions could mandate that you receive a power or electric wheelchair device for your daily needs.

In order for your doctor to move forward with a recommendation, he/she must determine what type of equipment you require. Once this is decided by your doctor, your medical records must match the potential prescription to be approved by insurance or Medicare.

Furthermore, a physical therapist may also examine you to collect more information regarding your condition, but this only occurs when the doctor deems it necessary.

Physicians Love Our Wheelchairs

Trusted physicians have recommended our wheelchairs and other mobility equipment in the past. Some doctors swear by Karman Healthcare products, meaning that they are more inclined to recommend our products for their patients.

Ergonomically Correct

The large majority of doctors will more than likely recommend a wheelchair that has an ergonomic frame. The reason being that the shape of the seat promotes good posture and prevents pressure sores from occurring on your behind.



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