People who have an amputated leg naturally have problems maintaining their stability. Not only do they lose their stability, they also become less mobile. There has been much advancement in technologies that can help with this problem. Devices like prosthesis legs and specially designed and fitted wheelchairs. These devices can help the amputee regain some or most of their former independence.

Wheelchair vs. Prosthesis

Doctors state that the best option for leg amputees is to get a prosthesis that has been designed specifically for their needs. But quite a few people are not comfortable using a prosthesis and they opt for a wheelchair instead. Wheelchairs have numerous benefits for those who have balance and mobility issues. Not only do wheelchairs make their lives much easier, they also get the freedom to move around as they like and in most cases will not need the added expense of getting a caregiver. Similar to prosthesis, wheelchairs for amputees need to be specially designed to suit their needs. There are also many accessories available from the makers that will make life for the amputee even easier.

Wheelchair Accessories are Useful

Accessories such as a wheelchair cushion are very useful to protect their skin from constantly rubbing against the wheelchair. The cushions come in foam, gel or air filled varieties. The air filled ones are best suited for those who spend lots of time in their wheelchairs and they are also great at relieving pressure. There are even cushions specially designed for amputees that have a special extension that is also great for relieving skin friction. There are also various seat supports which have slide outs that are located under the cushion. This set up alleviates any swelling in the leg and prevents it from getting injured. These are just a few of the accessories that can be of help to leg amputees.  

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