An amputee woman in a wheelchair can independently travel from location to location, but only if the amputation occurred on the feet of the user. If the amputation(s) happened on the upper extremities, such as a hand or arm or both, then they would not be able to propel themselves and would require assistance.

If an amputee woman in a wheelchair decided to go out of the house and travel on wheels, they would need assistance if they are getting into a vehicle, or if there is no handicap protocols in the building they are trying to enter.

Some wheelchair users who are amputees require assistance on a daily basis depending on the location of the amputation.

Double leg amputees are able to propel themselves without any assistance, they would only require aid if they need to get out of the chair or to make a transfer from a wheelchair.



Amputated Women in wheelchairs can transfer themselves out of their wheelchair if they do not have a double amputation, on legs or arms.

Transfers when you are amputated can be difficult without assistance in some cases, a caregiver or relative should be there to help you transfer in and out of your chair.



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