Suspension is applied most commonly with vehicles that are used for transportation. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles usually have some form of a suspension system. Suspension is used to provide absorption experienced when a vehicle hits a bump on the road or during hard terrain travels.

Suspension can be used on a wheelchair

Suspension can be used with wheelchairs, although suspension on a wheelchair would be beneficial to have with any type of wheelchair, only some of them come with this component as standard. Wheelchair with suspension would be largely beneficial for any wheelchair user out there, because the chair is commonly used outdoors and on hard pavement.

If used on a hard surface while propelling, suspension on a chair would prevent the user from feeling too much of the vibration on their seating end. This would also help prevent the user from falling out of the wheelchair in case they are trying to go up a curb or right through a crack on the street.

Opinion of Wheelchair with suspension

The consensus on wheelchairs with suspension is that chairs do not need suspension because they are rarely used to travel on rough terrain. Another opinion of a wheelchair with suspension is that it is harder to propel a chair with suspension than without it. This is because the suspension on a wheelchair would create more inertia to overcome.

Frog legs are the most common suspension system used with manual wheelchairs.  Frog legs are referred to as shock absorbers because they absorb and recoil vibration from the reaching the frame/user. Frog legs rely on the altering of the front caster forks so that the metal upside down u shaped components cover the front wheels of the chair.

Frog legs are composed of polymer and hinge, which allows the chair to drive through small obstacles without the user experiencing a high amount of vibration or force.

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