There are quite a few people who are in search of accessible places to go to or even spend the day at. The word “accessible” is usually associated with wheelchair use, for example this establishment is not “wheelchair accessible”.

When you see the recognizable blue and white sign it is usually associated for anyone who has a physical disability such as individuals using manual or electric wheelchairs, scooters or even canes or crutches. Today even people who have an obesity or heart condition can be classified as “physically disabled” and be handed a disabled placard.
The Wheelchair & Stroller: What to Choose

Young Kids in Strollers

A group of people who are not thought of as physically handicapped but who often depend on places that are wheelchair accessible are the parents of young kids who are still in strollers.

Parents who use strollers also like being in spaces that make it easy and comfortable for them to push their children about without having to worry about there being no elevators or means of access to other levels of the building or not having sufficient space to move around. One mother hit the nail on the head, “you just don’t think about it until you have a stroller.”

Parents Propelling Strollers

Wheelchair users feel the very same way and you can’t fully understand it until you walk in their shoes. Parents using strollers depend on wheelchair accessible places to have smoothly paved sidewalks, ramps, curb cut-outs, elevators and restrooms that are large and handicapped friendly.

These are the exact same amenities that wheelchair users depend on in order for them to feel independent and comfortable.

Empathy Goes Along Way

Although stroller-using parents and wheelchair users are different in many fairly obvious ways, some mothers who use strollers feel they can probably identify with what it is like being in a wheelchair when in public.

So the next time you have to wait a bit longer for an elevator because it was packed with strollers or you had to wait for a washroom because a mother had to change her child’s diaper, just take a deep breath in and slowly exhale and remember that we all face a similar problem.

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