Different wheelchairs have different functions and are used by individuals for different purposes. One such wheelchair that has a specific use is the transport wheelchair. Is this type of wheelchair right for your purposes? You will easily recognize a transport wheelchair because they have 4 smaller wheels and they require a caregiver for mobility.

In this article, we will take a look at the uses of this type of wheelchair and how they differ from regular wheelchairs.

Who Is The Transport Wheelchair For

Transport wheelchairs come in handy for those who are unable to use motorized wheelchairs due to mental or physical disabilities. In a scenario like this, a caregiver will be needed to maneuver the patient.

In medical facilities, transport chairs are used to take patients to and from appointments within the facility. These patients are usually recovering from a medical problem or they might be too weak to walk or use a regular wheelchair.

A transport wheelchair comes in handy when traveling as it easily folds for storage and they are lighter than regular wheelchairs.

The transport wheelchair is great for those who want to get out to a park, mall etc but they cannot walk or stand for long periods. Of course, they will need a companion willing to push them around, but it will greatly improve the user’s social and emotional state.

Here are some of the benefits of a transport wheelchair compared to regular wheelchair.

Easy to Transport

Transport wheelchair is easier to travel with and this is the main reason why people choose this type of chair over the regular wheelchair. They come in very handy when having to transfer a patient from home to a medical clinic, to a shopping mall or pretty much anywhere that is wheelchair accessible. Their lightweight and ability to fold into a smaller size make them ideal for transporting in a vehicle.

Good In Small Spaces

The transport wheelchair is popular because they are more maneuverable in small, tight spaces be it a grocery store or a medical clinic with small corridors.

Small Size

As mentioned before transport wheelchairs are identifiable by their 4 small wheels. Regular wheelchairs have large back wheels and small front wheels. They can be self-propelled by someone with a functioning upper body.

Transport wheelchairs have small and low back wheels, therefore requiring a caregiver to push the wheelchair. Because of this design, transport wheelchairs are smaller in scale, which makes transferring patients into and out of the transport chair much easier.


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