Do you have a condition or injury, which requires you to use a walker? Do you know the different types of walkers that are available? If you have problems balancing for any reason, walkers are a great solution to help you get around if you need it short term or long term.

Folding Walkers:

Do you have an injury to your knees or legs that you expect to heal in the near future? Then a folding walker might be for you. It is inexpensive and perfect for those who only need it for a short time. They are also very lightweight and easy to maneuver. However, they don’t have wheels on all four supports so they are not designed for going for long walks.

Typically, these walkers have rubber tips on all four legs and must be picked up and moved forward as you walk. These walkers are designed to bear lots of weight.

Some models have two wheels or casters at the front and rubber tips on the back legs. They provide the stability of a standard walker with the ease of movement of a Rollator walker (see below).

Rollator Walkers:

Rollator is the brand name for this walker but there are many similar types on the market. The higher end ones have four wheels, brakes, a seat and a compartment under the seat for storage.

Most models do fold but they are heavier than the folding walkers mentioned above. This type of walker is not designed to transport someone from place to place, so keep this in mind and read all instruction manuals before buying.

Transport Chair/Walker:

These are perfect for those who still have mobility but can’t walk for extended periods without having to sit down for a bit. These are also recommended for those who have long-term mobility issues. It is heavier than the Rotator walker and might be difficult to lift. This type of walker also has brakes and four wheels. These are not recommended if they have to be put into a vehicle.

When choosing a walker take into account when and where you’ll be using it most often. Will it need to be folded to get into a vehicle? Will you need stability? Will you need it short term or long term? Keep these questions in mind when choosing your next walker.


Bariatric Wheelchairs

Tranzit Go – Folding Electric

$4,063.00 $2,379.00

Motorized Wheelchairs

LT-980 – 13 lbs*

$780.00 $318.00
$132.00 $85.00

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