teaching on a wheelchair

Teachers Challenged By Disability

It is no doubt that life in a wheel chair can be very difficult to get accustomed to. However, that does not mean that you have to give up your career opportunities.  Teachers with disabilities face all sorts of challenges and obstacles that other teachers do not. The workforce disabled teachers which was once increasing scarce, is now quite the contrary.

Many support groups have now come into existence for the sole purpose of promoting the individuals who want to follow their dreams and become a teacher in a positive environment.

Union of Disabled Teachers

Annually, the Union of Disabled Teachers host the Disabled Teachers’ Conference. The conference allows teachers and educators alike to share their experiences and learn from each other. The event is big step towards disability equality in the education field.

The union holds members not only in wheel chairs but with diseases such as cancer, HIV, MS, and many others as well. The group believes in making changes to the work environment so that educators with disabilities can continue in a field they enjoy.

Teaching While In A Wheelchair

For those who wish to push forward, there are many initial barriers to overcome. Stereotype, ignorance, and perspective are all included in the list of obstacles. The goal of many of these groups is to support and inspire individuals with sheer enthusiasm to become teachers in areas where they previously could not.

Teaching is regarded as one of the most valued professions by today’s standards and it’s time for people to realize that there shouldn’t be anything in the way of anyone following their dream of one day becoming a teacher regardless of impairment.

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