The act of propelling a wheelchair is related to manual wheelchairs that can be self-propelled by the user, or they can be pushed by a companion or caregiver. To self-propel, the user must place their hands against the wheelchair hand rims. This will be the component used on both sides of the chair to be able to push or pull the chair as the user sees fit. You can propel yourself going forward or backward to be able to avoid obstacles and uneven ground.

Practice Propelling Your Wheelchair

To learn to propel a wheelchair you must practice this skill as you would with any other skill that you want to get good at. Practice makes perfect when you are trying to learn how to propel yourself without the assistance of another individual. There are some type of hand rims that allow the user to propel themselves without harming their fingers or hands. Ergonomic hand rims allow the user to propel the chair while avoiding blisters or pressure sores to develop on their extremities with long-term use. propelling wheelchair

Propulsion Of Manual Wheelchairs

In order for a wheelchair user to self-propel they must learn how to control the wheelchair so that they may do so the right way while they are outdoors when it is imperative to know your chair. At first, most people that are new to wheelchairs have a hard time adjusting to propulsion of a chair. Over time, the user will develop upper arm strength and better balance that will help propel the chair easier. Some users have trouble using hand rims on the rear wheels of their wheelchair. This depends on the condition that they currently suffer from. In the case that the patient cannot propel themselves, they will require a caregiver to push them indoors and outdoors.

propelling-wheelchair-karmanPropel Indoors/ Outdoors

Propelling a wheelchair outdoors is different than propelling it indoors. There is a big chance that you will encounter uneven ground while traveling. To avoid falling from the chair when going over bumps or obstacles, the user must make sure that they have the correct components to be able to reach higher ground and avoid obstacles. You can register your warranty if you have already purchased a product from one of our distributors, this will help in keeping track of when you purchased the item, and we can also keep a record of it if the time comes that you need to use your warranty. propelling wheelchair

Helpful Website Information Regarding Wheelchairs

Our Wheelchair Product Catalog can help you in finding the right propelling wheelchair, it provides information in a live catalog format, which lets you sift through pages and also includes a category index, in case that you are looking for a specific type of product. Our S-Shape Seating page includes information about our patented S-Shape Seating System, which offers many advantages over the standard manual wheelchair seat. Not only is pressure distributed more evenly across the legs and rear, it also offers a more stable seating surface and prevents forward slippage. If you have any questions regarding propelling wheelchair be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, which includes the most popular and consistently asked questions by our distributors and also consumers.

More Information

Our Standing Wheelchair Prototypes page gives you information regarding our Upcoming Standing Wheelchair models and also provides information on how we are changing the standing wheelchair market by providing affordable, and durable stand-up wheelchairs to our customers. If you would like to watch our product videos about propelling wheelchair on your computer, you can visit our youtube channel – where you can find videos about all of our products including lightweight wheelchairs, ergonomic wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, and many more. People spend a great deal of time searching for propelling wheelchair what comes to mind is usually comfort, pricing, and daily needs. We provide a large variety of manual and electric wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories and replacement parts. We also provide other medical equipment that is used for other daily needs. If you would like to receive more information and monthly updates regarding propelling wheelchair please subscribe to our newsletter, we do not hassle you frequently with our newsletters, we do it in a timely manner. If you would like to contact us regarding inquiries, information, or any other questions regarding our products, we recommend using the Contact Us page that provides a mail form you can fill out to send to us directly. The bottom of our website includes information about our category pages, it also includes information on internet browser support, returns policy, and warranty policy. You may as well check out our wheelchair resources page, which includes information, and .pdf documents about our large range of wheelchair models and medical equipment. If you are looking for news and articles about the industry and current news around the globe, check out our News and Articles Page.

Other Information

Propel Wheelchair Over Even Surfaces

To Propel or Not to Propel — The Mobility Project

Propel Wheelchair Over Even Surfaces


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