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Super Big Wheelchair

Wheelchairs that are considered oversized are generally heavy-duty chairs. They are oversized to allow a higher weight capacity and/or features that are catered towards larger individuals. Oversized chairs have a lower turn radius and maneuverability is also lower than the average wheelchair. Oversized chairs have a weight capacity up to 500+ pounds, which means that it can handle a wheelchair-bound individual who may be as large as 500 pounds. If a chair is categorized as “oversized” or heavy duty, you’ll more than likely find out that it is also heavier than the average wheelchair. Heavy-duty chairs weigh more because the frame was designed to be an exceptional weight-bearing device.


Only Oversized For You

Sometimes oversized can mean some thing totally different than heavy duty as well. Meaning that the chair may be too large for your use, but not for someone bigger. Meaning that you probably ordered one seat width size too wide for your body-type.

Oversized Wheelchair for Pediatric Use

Sometimes oversized can mean that an adult wheelchair was purchased for a child, which means that the chair seat width and maybe depth as well would be too large for a tiny individual.

Larger than Average Chairs

“Oversized” means that the chair is wider and taller than most chairs. For this reason, it is imperative to research purchasing one of these chairs before actually going through with it.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty usually refers to a chair that has weight bearing capabilities. Sometimes these chairs are referred to as Bariatric wheelchairs because of their large size or weight bearing capabilities.


Fitting Through a Doorway

Wheelchair-bound users who use extra wide wheelchairs may have a problem getting the chair through a doorway or a narrow hallway. Make sure that you have accessible doorways and exit stations where your chair can fit through in case of an emergency.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity for oversized chairs can range anywhere from 300 to 500+ pounds. Our wheelchairs usually range from 250 to 400 pounds weight capacity.


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