Being disabled does not decrease your appetite in any way. You disability will affect your mobility however, which can make losing weight very challenging. If you have a large frame and are still trying to lose weight, but still want the portability and mobility options, a heavy duty folding power wheelchair might be the best option for you.

They do cost a bit more than a regular size power chair and usually start at around $5,000. They are designed to carry extra weight and can safely carry people weighing up to 450 pounds.

Bariatric Chairs and Vehicles

These heavy power chairs can weigh up to 350 pounds. A vehicle with a power lift might be required to safely transport one of these power chairs.

Even with their extra bulk and weight, these heavy-duty chairs can be folded. They can also be disassembled into 6 parts for easier transportation if no power lift is available. You will probably need some assistance disassembling and reassembling them before and after transport.

A selection of colors and cushions are available to customize the chair. You can also get accessories like footrests and armrests. For an extra $1,150, you can get power seats for these heavy-duty wheelchairs.

If needed, you can also upgrade the tires and seat design for an extra cost. Batteries are also an option for those who need a constant source of electricity such as those who are on a ventilator.

Obesity and Manual Wheelchairs

The controller is easily modified and with heavy duty wheelchairs you can set it up for right or left had use. For an additional cost, you can get retractable controllers.

If you have a larger frame, there are still options available that provide comfort and mobility and help you to maintain your independence. One such option is the heavy-duty folding power wheelchair. If your doctor has prescribed the chair, most insurance companies will pay for a significant portion of the cost of the chair. Even though they are more expensive than regular folding power chairs, the small percentage you will have to pay for a heavy-duty chair (if covered by insurance), is a small price for the freedom and independence you will get in return.


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