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A junior high student from Texas stunned the crowd when he walked on the field at his school's final football game of the season, and what a way to end the season! For 13-year-old Tyler Bain, walking means much more than most people.

Tyler suffered from a car accident over 10 years ago that caused him to be confined to a wheelchair, reports

This marks the first time since the accident that Tyler walked in front of an audience, and no one on the team knew his plans. And as he made his way across the fifty yard line, his teammates cheered him on. This insipiring moment is one you will never forget.

"I'm happy that I finally got to show what I can do," Tyler said. "Even though I'm in a wheelchair, don't go by what I look like. Go by what I have inside, a heart."' A statement that couldn't be more true. We need to focus on people's strengths and abilities and support all their goals. His determination to walk across that field is amazing. Tyler can be heard telling his teammates "If I can do this, you all can do anything." This truly great story goes to show you that even if you are confined in a wheelchair, anything is possible!

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