Wheelchair seat cushions are obtainable by physician’s prescription or off the shelf and are created from various materials like foam, gel, urethane honeycomb or air-filled compartments. Depth, stiffness and style of cushion is dependent on your requirements. The stress produced by sitting down for an extended time might break down the skin layers and result in problems like pressure sores. A wheelchair pad can reduce most of this stress and help with good posture. Measuring someone for a wheelchair cushion depends on if it is a replacement cushion or if the cushion is bought independently from a brand new wheelchair.

Measuring for a Replacement Cushion

1. Calculate the inside dimension of the wheelchair seating area in inches. Don’t measure between the wheelchair arms. Measure instead the part of the seat between the arm rests. 2. Calculate the length of the wheelchair seating area in inches from the backside of the seat to the front part of the seat. 3. Figure out the proper depth required for the wheelchair cushion according to your own pressure-release demands. Modify the thickness of your seat along with the footrests based upon the depth of the cushion once it is compressed. Most wheelchairs are adjustable.

Measuring for a New Cushion

1. Measure between the broadest part of your hips or thighs when seated. Sit down on the measuring tape while measuring the individual who cannot assist you with this task. 2. Add on 1 inch to the width dimension to accommodate for movement. 3. Figure out the seat dimension by measuring from the back of your buttocks to the rear of your knees when sitting down. 4. Take away inch from the thickness dimension once you have a manual or electric power wheelchair. If you plan to use your legs to move around the wheelchair, take away 2 inches from this dimension so your calves don’t rub against the seat cushion with every motion.  

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