For quite a few years now, standard manual wheelchairs have offered mobility and comfort too many disabled and handicapped people. Manual wheelchairs require upper body strength especially in the arms for maneuverability. People with weak upper bodies will not experience the freedom and independence a manual wheelchair offers.

Manual wheelchair uses will require some kind of help when they have to go up steep inclines. Modern technology has given us better mobility devices like the electric wheelchair, which provides more self-reliance and independence for the physically disabled.

Safety Measures in an Electric Wheelchairs

Automatic Propelling Wheelchairs

Battery powered electric wheelchairs do not require much physical strength from the user. Traveling up inclines is much easier in a power wheelchair compared to a manual one. For the convenience of hand operation, electric wheelchairs usually have some kind of steering control located in one of the arm rests.

Besides the elderly disabled and handicapped, other people who might benefit you from the use of an electric wheelchair include stroke survivors and people who have illnesses that have weekend their extremities. It is very important to learn the electric chairs’ safety features before actually using it.

Safety when Outdoors

Just like you would in a car, it is important to keep the safety belt on when operating your electric wheelchair in order to avoid accidents. Before going down with the electric wheelchair, make sure that there is a curb or driveway to prevent falling backwards, which might damage the spine. Always make sure that the wheelchair has come to a complete stop before attempting to get out.

If possible it is advisable to use the electric wheelchair on streets that are not noisy but crowded, in case you run into any problems with the electric wheelchair. Users should always use caution when operating their electric wheelchair as it is not a race car.

It doesn’t matter the kind of wheelchair you are using on the street, safety is always a priority. They were made to provide mobility not just careless fun that could lead to serious injury.


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