Wheelchairs are a great help to both the handicapped and the elderly. There are many types of wheelchairs on the market and they fall into the electric or manual category. Some wheelchairs are even operated with sensors and they can be used to improve the life of the disabled and elderly.

For those who are unable to walk for whatever reason, wheelchairs can be of great use. Wheelchairs can be fitted with sensors, navigation modules and omni directional steering.

Electric Wheelchair Technology

Electric wheelchairs have been one of the biggest leaps for mobility for the disabled. They can easily get around without the help of others. Regular wheelchairs are almost impossible to operate for people who have limited physical and/or mental capacity.

This could be a major problem in homes that have small bathrooms or moving around the house in general. Now sensors are available that can be fitted to the wheelchair that prevent collisions with walls furniture etc. The wheelchair user can now move around freely without worrying about collisions. Some sensors can be programmed to follow a certain path.

Operating a Power Wheelchair

The wheelchair user will have to familiarize themselves with the operation of the sensors and technicians will be on hand at the time of installation to clarify any issues.

Some models have an IR or ultrasonic sensor, which are mainly used to prevent sudden movements, making any movement much safer. They help the wheelchair follow a wall, move through a door or even to a wheelchair docking station.

Technologies fitted to the wheelchair make moving around by the user less stressful. Even though power wheelchairs move easily with just the push of a button, the user must still be able to navigate direction and speed. The user must be properly trained in the correct use of the wheelchair and they should always practice with it before making the final purchasing decision.

Although learning to operate a power wheelchair can be challenging at first for an elderly or disabled person, once they get the hang of it, they appreciate the freedom that it can provide and the improvement in their standard of living. They will become more confident and less reliant on others for help, and with sensors, they can move around more freely and in a much safer manner.


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