Wheelchairs have been used for 100s of years, however early wheelchairs were designed simply to help a handicapped person move from point A to point B. Considering that modern culture developed and handicapped persons became more integral, the role of the wheelchair began to adjust also. Wheelchairs nowadays are regarded not only methods of transportation but as well as a way to enable people to display their personality.

Owners can buy personalized premium quality ultra-light high-performance wheelchairs along with add-ons that enable them to customize their appearance and design. The shift from functionality to individuality is talked about in the following paragraphs.

Modern Day Wheelchair

The latest 2 decades have witnessed the improvement in the modern day wheelchair. They are lightweight and function much better than ever before. There are currently numerous options on the market to improve the ride, from suspension technology that help to get rid of shakes and jolts, to ultra-light weight bodies which make for much better performance, to unique models for every personalized need and preference.

Wheelchair Personalization

The newest trend is towards personalization. Custom-made wheelchairs are increasingly being ordered for numerous reasons:

Personalization of the wheelchair to match some specific requirements of the user range from simple alterations of standard models or developing a completely distinctive design and style. Picture a mom who happens to be a triple amputee. How can she transport herself and her infant? Specific wheelchairs can be built to assist her.

For instance, a customer with an amputated hand can utilize a special wheel that has double handrims to enable both wheels to be operated with a single hand. The wheelchair can even be customized so that it stretched out to the front, permitting the child seat to be mounted on the wheelchair ahead of the mother.

Individualizing wheelchairs for high performance is often essential to athletes or extremely active clients. This can consist of developing specific wheelchairs for dancing with the perfect center of gravity that help the end user to carry out spins and complex maneuvers easily.

Custom Builds for Wheelchairs

Modification for functionality is not just for athletes, it can also enhance the comfort and ease for day to day users. Bodies can be custom built to match the individual’s shape like a glove. Also, custom-made wheelchairs are lightweight and regularly perform much better.

The majority of mass manufactured wheelchairs are created by using changeable brackets to keep the frame together so that a prefabricated wheelchair could be changed to match various individual’s dimensions and preferences. But, these brackets produce excess weight. Personalized wheelchairs are created to match the person that they are made for.

Rather than adjustable brackets, the wheelchair components are welded together. Because of this the wheelchair is definitely not resizable, therefore it has to be engineered properly by a knowledgeable expert. However, because welds are lighter in weight compared to brackets, custom-built wheelchairs are substantially lighter. In addition they typically perform much better since the energy from the thrust might be misplaced in tiny movements within the brackets.

Developments in Wheelchair Technology

Developments in assistive technology, like the latest development in wheelchair design means it is easier for handicapped people to assimilate into contemporary society. However despite new technologies, users are not going to have the ability to assimilate without public accessibility and financial backing to pay for the innovation.

The best wheelchair on earth would not assist a handicapped person to go around if modern society failed to provide ramps, special electric doors and other infrastructure to allow accessibility to public areas, modes of transport, pathways and streets.


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