This type of wheelchair is synonymous with “sports” or “active” wheelchair. They are designed to be used in an athlete setting where the user require a light frame and a rigid frame design to able to move around as freely as need be.

There are some athlete wheelchairs that are non-foldable, these rigid types are built and designed to be used in wheelchair sports from amateur to pro rankings. The foldable athletic wheelchair is bit uncommon for this type of use, because the frame is not as compact and lightweight as its counterpart.

When you are thinking of buying an athletic wheelchair you will need to research whether a rigid wheelchair would be right for your needs. Some rigid wheelchairs require a lot of room to store because they cannot be folded. Meaning that they may not fit in a regular vehicle, and you may need to look into getting a wheelchair rack to hang on the rear of your car.

Athlete Wheelchairs

An athlete wheelchair may not be for everyone, it has its perks but if you don’t have the right type of lifestyle for it, it may not be necessary to purchase one. Sometimes athletic chairs are purchased because they can be some of the most lightweight wheelchairs available.

Athlete wheelchairs tend to be very expensive, with a value of over $1000+, getting one of these bad boys comes at a steep price.