For those who are physically challenged, an electric (power) wheelchair is a great way to regain some mobility. A wheelchair allows a disabled person to enjoy and even take part in events and activities with families, friends and colleagues, which would otherwise be impossible. It could be as simple going with a companion on a long walk or even a hike on trails that are accessible.

The wheelchair user can also enjoy going to parks and doing regular activities like grocery shopping. Since power chairs don’t require much physical exertion, it is very convenient for the user and provides them with greater freedom.

The following are some interesting facts about electric wheelchairs:


George Klein was the inventor of the electric wheelchair. He got the idea during World War II after he saw numerous veterans who were severely injured during the war.


The modern electric wheelchairs have numerous functions that can be adjusted to the needs of the user. Some of them have tilting seats that help the user when standing up. Other models have the ability to recline and even elevation of the seat and the legs.


There are two kinds of seating for electric wheelchairs. There is the sling seat, which looks a lot like the seats on regular wheelchairs and then there is the captain’s chairs, which look more like the seats in a vehicle.


There is almost an endless selection of electric wheelchair on the market today, so finding one to suit your exact needs is much simpler than you thought because these electric chairs are also highly customizable. The folding and compact models are ideal for those who do lots of traveling. If the user is looking more for comfort, there are bigger ones designed specifically for comfort.


The vast majority of wheelchairs use a joystick for navigation purposes. However, if the user is unable to use a regular joystick for whatever reason, there is alternative navigation controls like the chin control and the puff or sip scanner control.

The wheelchair user can use the scanner, which they blow into, to control the movements of the electric wheelchair. If you need this kind of control, be sure that the model of electric wheelchair you are looking to buy is able to use these controls.

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