For someone who is wheelchair bound, a wool wheelchair cover over a seat cushion will provide lots of comfort. It helps with keeping the body cool in summer and warm in winter.

Due to its soft texture and great insulating properties, experts think that wool is a great choice for wheelchair covers. Furthermore, on the outside wool repels water while on the inside it absorbs moisture.

Wool is a Great Material for Wheelchair Covers

Wool has the great property of being able to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. The absorption takes place slowly and it can absorb as much as 25% of its weight. The wool gets warmer as the absorption increases.

Before it begins to feel damp, wool can absorb lots of moisture. It also dries out slowly; therefore the wearer won’t feel cold as it dries out. Since wool has this natural ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, it is a natural flame retardant.

Types of Wool

Wool is obtainable from a number of sources such as Alpacas and Llamas who have softer, lighter and stronger wool compared to sheep’s wool. But sheep wool is more readily available. The benefit of Llama and Alpacas wool is that they don’t get chemical baths to eliminate pests.

Their wool doesn’t have chemicals like bleaches and dyes. But this is also a disadvantage because they are susceptible to being eaten by insects such as moth larvae and carpet beetles.

Wheelchair covers made of Alpaca or Llama wool have to be kept clean and cedar wood can be used to keep away insects. To further protect the wool cover when it isn’t in use, keep it in a sealed cotton bag. The cotton bag will let the wool breathe and keep it from getting fungus mildew and mold.


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