With so many products and brands out there it is hard to know which wheelchairs that are good.  Karman helps you find wheelchairs that are good through many years of research and development. 

Our experience and product selection provides consumers with a broad choice with excellent value. The type of wheelchair that are good may not be for everyone.  Each person has their own requirements and values the product differently from one another.

What is the difference between an S-ERGO frame and traditional seating system?

Our S-Shape Seating System offers many advantages over the standard manual wheelchair seat. Not only is pressure distributed more evenly across the legs and rear, it also offers a more stable seating surface and prevents forward slippage.  

The world’s first S-Shaped ergonomic seating developed specifically for comfort and ergonomics. With over 22 patents and launched as a Global Product, this unique product is capable of relieving pressure, reducing sliding and promoting good posture. All of our S-ERGO frames are CRASH TESTED.  This challenge was met with Ultralight Weight, Ergonomics, Comfort, and Safety in mind and with an end product setting the bar for the highest of quality possible. Learn more optional cushions treated by AEIGIS® providing an anti-microbial coated seating system.

At Karman, we have over 100 models for manual wheelchairs to choose from.  In general, if you can propel yourself in a wheelchair, you will want the lightest most comfortable wheelchair available.  Learn more about all the categories available and then choose by product weight and budget.  Here are some categories and information for your review.  We hope that this will help you find wheelchairs that are good for you.

Transport Wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs are the perfect choice for transporting someone to and from the places you would love to travel with.  A transport wheelchair is generally narrower and lighter than a standard wheelchair, making it a good choice for tight obstacles and narrow entryways. There are differences between our high end Crash Tested S-ERGO series transport wheelchairs and also economy grade products.  Some great choices include our ERGO LITE and S-115TP. We also have a wheelchair made for traveling, TV-10B.

Here is a list of wheelchairs that are good for the transport category: We recommend the Ergo Flight-TP and the LT-1000 model.  Please visit our transport wheelchair category of product video to get more information.  Finding the right wheelchair is important.  Please take your time to shop at a store or contact a dealer. Ask a professional.

Standard Weight Wheelchair

Most standard weight wheelchairs starts at 34 pounds, a standard weight wheelchair is a great option when you need a wheelchair that will be not be frequently used; generally 3 hours or less per day and with infrequent transfers.  Our full selection is available from the most basic models with fixed legrests and armrests to wheelchairs that have optional elevating legrests and removable armrests.

There are also models with optional accessories to enhance your wheelchair.  Foam cushions and/or Gel Cushions provide for additional comfort.  For the Standard Weight Category, wheelchairs that are good would be our LT-800 model. Please visit our transport wheelchair category of product video to get more information.  Standard weights are common.  You can see this type of wheelchair everywhere.

Lightweight Wheelchair

With weights ranging from 25-34 pounds, our lightweight wheelchair is a great choice when you need a wheelchair that is more frequently used, when you need special options, or when you have your heart set on a specific frame and/or upholstery color combination. This category covers it all, with lightweight wheelchairs at competitive prices. 

These wheelchairs offer more options and we typically recommend that a comparison be done with the next step up category which is our ultralight weight wheelchairs where the ultimate mobility equipment and features are at its very best. Wheelchairs that are good for this category would be our 802-DY or LT-980 models. Please visit our transport wheelchair category of product video to get more information.

Ultralightweight Wheelchairwheelchairs that are good

This is the category of wheelchairs where the best of the best residesWith wheelchair weights as low as 14.5 pounds and available in both S-ERGO and simply super lightweight models, an ultralight weight wheelchair is for the full-time user who demands performance and for those who want the lightest wheelchair possible for ease of self propel and transport. 

In this category, you will have a number of features never found on any competitors like standardize crash tests on S-ERGO models and tons of options and accessories not offered on other base categories in wheelchair options.  Wheelchairs that are good for this category would definitely be our S-ERGO series.  Any of these wheelchairs should be put in your top list for wheelchairs that are good.

Active Wheelchair

Our ERGO ATX offers the finest in a combination of wheelchair manufacturing disciplines. This criteria includes but is not limited to maximum adjustability, rigidness, ultra lightweight, comfort, foldability, style and outstanding performance. 

Our Ultra lightweight wheelchair category takes zero compromise with our R&D department pushing the latest manufacturing techniques and capabilities and transferring them to you right on the streets. For this category, our ATX is the starting line up and it is definitely the wheelchairs that are good top selection.

Tilt / Recline Wheelchair

A reclining back or otherwise known as a “high back” wheelchair is a great option for those who spend the majority of their time in a wheelchair as it offers more positions to recline.  And a tilt wheelchair offers alternative positioning and pressure relief for those who are requiring further pressure relief for prolonged usage of a wheelchair

Both our categories have effectively reduced weight of traditional competitors so keep in mind when shopping on price.  Wheelchairs that are good for this one could be our VIP or MVP model. Please visit our transport wheelchair category of product video to get more information.

Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Our Bariatric Wheelchair has a maximum weight cap of 800 pounds, these heavy duty wheelchairs can accommodate nearly any user with a maximum seat width of 30″ in width.  Karman carries a full range of heavy duty wheelchairs, from economical bariatric transport wheelchairs, to complex highly-configurable / custom models

We also have the lightest weight bariatric wheelchair in the industry for its seat width and weight cap.  Wheelchairs that are good for this one would be best recommended as the KM-8520.  It is the lightest of its weight cap category.  See why today.  Call us.

Standing Wheelchair

Standing in a wheelchair is one of the most influential products we’ve designed and manufactured in our efforts to allow the mobility impaired to take their lives back into their hands. 

We didn’t stop by just allowing people to stand in a wheelchair; we made it the most competitive price product in its category driving economy into everyday house holds.  Read more on all benefits, funding sources, and finance options if you’re interested in your wheelchair helping you to stand.

If you still haven’t found wheelchairs that are good just for you, please contact us today.  We will attend to your need and help you in anyway that we can.  It is our goal to help you to get in the perfect wheelchair which will help you say, “Karman makes wheelchairs that are good, maybe even perfect”.


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