Wheelchairs have been helping those with disabilities for many years now. They are designed to replace the use of the legs and are used by those who can’t use their legs for walking or are unable to do so for different reasons. If you go back in history, wheelchairs have been around since ancient times.

The modern wheelchair was developed by two mechanical engineers who were friends, namely Harry Jennings and Herbert Everest. Since then, many technological advances have been added to today’s modern wheelchairs.
Wheelchairs of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

No Caregiver Needed

The many technological advances have given rise to various kinds of wheelchairs including the electrically powered wheelchairs which don’t need anyone besides the user for mobility.

Most people still prefer to use the manually propelled wheelchairs, but the electrically powered wheelchairs are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience they provide.

Adding Accessories for Comfort

Wheelchairs are constantly improving and so are the accessories that go with them. Those who have a disability often spend lots of time in their wheelchair, therefore adding accessories to improve the overall convenience would be very helpful to the user.

People in wheelchairs often have a tough time attending to their own needs; therefore it is necessary for them to have what they might need within arm’s reach. 

This is where wheelchair backpacks coming very handy. They can be attached via straps directly to the wheelchair. It can be used to store food, water, towel etc. Other accessories like a water-repellent cape will come in very useful if there is a sudden downpour.

Each cape comes in their own self-contained pouch that is easy to open and slip on when needed and you can get them with or without sleeves. Another useful everyday accessory this the pure fleece cover, which provides extra comfort while using the wheelchair for everyday activities.

Other Accessories

Additional accessories that you can get for your wheelchair include wheelchair tray, cup holders and armrest. Accessories and attachments provide great convenience and comfort for the wheelchair owner.

Most of the accessories that you buy today can be attached to the wheelchair. In the very near future all of these attachments will already be included with the wheelchair and it will literally have everything that you need. With the advancement of modern technology, the future for wheelchairs is brighter than ever.


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