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Wheelchairs for Christmas

Everyone wants to be creative at some point in their life. Wheelchair users can thrive in being creative for the holidays because they can decorate there own very wheelchair. Since it’s Christmas and not Halloween you should not go completely crazy but you can still have fun with it. It’s that time to break out the ornaments and hopefully extra ornaments for the wheelchair and get to decorating! In this article, you will be informed of different creative ideas that can inspire you or you can just use the idea for yourself. Links will also be provided to different sites that offer the decorations and images that resemble each different ideas.

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Santas sled

Santa’s sled is a great idea because you can go all out and be creative with this idea. If the wheelchair user is a child then they will have a lot of fun through the whole process. For materials, you can pretty much use any cardboard for the actual construction of the body then just paint the sled red. You also can’t forget about ornaments for the sled. Ornaments can be found on numerous different websites which we will have linked at the end of this article. If you want to take it a step further then you can add some reindeer. Toss some presents into the sled and hand them out and it will be a Christmas all the kids will surely remember.

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Futuristic wheelchair

If you have seen the movies where the bikes look like they are from the future with all that blue lighting around the body of the bike and also the inside of the rims. For wheelchair users, you can purchase thin blue strips that are LED’S. Google search some images or even how it would look on the bike. Adding those nice lights to the wheelchair will for sure turn all your family and friends heads. Make the idea completely and add some to an all-black outfit just if you want to take the idea to the next level.

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Traditional Wheelchair

In the last idea is for users that want simple decorations but want to have fun doing it. You can find many simple ornaments and decorations on different sites like the ones we will list at the end. Just let the creative juices flow when you are decorating because a traditional wheelchair can be whatever you want. Throw in your favorite ornaments from the actual Christmas tree you have, buy crazy ornaments, use your neighbor's ornaments, and anything that has the Christmas spirit attached to it.  

Any idea you choose will be a good idea because it is better than no idea. Decorating the wheelchair helps you get into the holiday spirit and a better mood overall. These ideas can be done with less than $100 for all the decorations and some websites have discounts going on so it will be even cheaper to get started. Go out or online and start buying the decorations ahead of time so it can give you time to plan out where they are going to be placed. If you want a trusted source for some online shopping use Walmart. If you want a diverse selection then Walmart is for you because they carry many different products to choose from. If you want just ornaments than CafePress is a viable option for you. They have hundreds of ornaments for wheelchairs so take your time and surf through them all and pick the ones that fit your style. If you need lights for the wheelchair then you use Amazon and find a quality strip of blue lights for that futuristic wheelchair look you are going for. 

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