Center of gravity is an important adjustment.

Adjusting Wheelchair Center of Gravity

The center of gravity on a wheelchair may be the most important adjustment that you can easily make to your chair to boost the performance of your wheelchair. When the center of gravity is modified on a wheelchair, the weight of the chair plus the weight of the user is dominant towards the front or back of the chair.

Depending on the adjustment you make, the majority of the weight of the user and the chair may shift towards the end that the chair was modified.

What is Wheelchair Center of Gravity?

Wheelchair center of gravity is an adjustment that can be modified by loosening certain frame parts to be able to move the center of the chair.

For center of gravity adjustments, your wheelchair must have an adjustable axle plate or a dynamic axle bar. You can change the center of gravity on your chair by moving the wheels forward or backwards on the frame.

Perfect Adjustment for Center of Gravity – How to Find Your Center of Gravity

The center of gravity on a wheelchair can be modified to accommodate the user. The proper center of gravity for users can be different from user to user, depending on their weight and limb length. The process of properly adjust the center of gravity can be long depending on how many times you have completed the adjustment and also if there is an expert who can aid you.

You can take your wheelchair to a mobility store or repair service so that they may adjust the center of gravity with the user trying on the chair while the adjustment is being made.

Get A Mobility Expert to Help

It may be easier to contact a mobility store or repair service to adjust your chair.

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Trial and Error

You may have to practice adjusting your chair in order to find the perfect configuration

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Do I Need to Adjust the center of gravity on my chair?

Some chairs may need adjustments when purchased to accommodate the user.

Contact us for more information regarding our suggestions for center of gravity adjustments.


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