Wheelchairs are useful devices for those who are disabled or cannot walk for long periods. It gives the disabled person a sense of freedom by helping them to freely move around.

Electric wheelchairs provide even more freedom as the user can move around with just the push of a button. Some electric wheelchairs can even lift the user so that they can reach higher surfaces without help from anyone else.
Using a Wheelchair Cushion For a Comfortable Ride

Long Term Seating Should be Comfortable

For people who spend extensive periods of time in their wheelchairs, it is important that they be as comfortable as possible and be able to sit and move around with ease. There are numerous accessories available that make wheelchair life much more comfortable and convenient, like the wheelchair cushion.

The wheelchair cushion is probably one of the most important wheelchair accessories. It is important to get a quality wheelchair cushion or it could result in bad posture and could lead to pain, discomfort and pressure sores.

A good wheelchair cushion is even more important for those who have problems with neuromuscular impairment or swallowing. A quality cushion provides proper support for good posture and it also helps with keeping good circulation and respiration for the user.

Selecting the Right Type of Cushion

Since the wheelchair cushion is probably the most important accessory for a wheelchair user, great care should be taken when selecting an ideal one. The cushion should work perfectly with the user’s body type and movements.  They should always feel comfortable when sitting in the wheelchair.

The cushion should be placed toward the back of the seat so that it provides the user with the proper support for keeping their posture straight while also providing a comfortable ride.

Standard Seating is Sometimes Not Enough

The usual contoured seats in most wheelchairs are not very comfortable.  If the user shifts their position even slightly, it could result in lots of pressure and discomfort. Users with muscle atrophy or weight lost are not able to use these conventional contour cushions.

Contour cushions are often bulky, heavy and hot and they are not flexible enough to accommodate the user’s changing needs. This is why selecting the proper cushion is important. The cushion has to be able to adapt to the shifting movements of the user without becoming uncomfortable.


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