If you suffer from physical pain or you are unable to get around on your own, sometimes it can be difficult to find the correct type of aid to help you get around. There are quite a few solutions to help you with your disability on a daily basis. Below you will find the most popular types of walking aids available today.

Top Mobility Choices for Senior Citizens

Walking Stick

This is one of the oldest devices on this list, it has been around for centuries because it simple does the job of supporting you while you are treading. When using this device you will experience greater balance, pressure relief in the joints and muscles, and it may also prevent an accident from occurring.

Walking Frame

This is similar to the “walking stick” in the way that it is used by people. To put it simply, it takes a lot of the weight bearing from your joints and supports you when you are walking around. The main difference between the walking stick and walking frame is that the walking frame comes standard with wheels, which allows the device to move around smoothly.

Mobility Scooter

Scooters come in many different sizes and with many different features. Some mobility devices similar to a scooter, a scooter is designed for outdoors use. Scooters generally have movable parts that allow you to pull it apart and reduce the size of the scooter to be able to store it in very tight spaces.

Standard Wheelchairs

A standard manual wheelchair is the most basic option for someone who still has enough upper body strength. A basic wheelchair is designed to fulfill the least amount of needs possible.

This means that they are the type of wheelchairs that have the least amount of features available. The price point for this chair is low, and someone with a tight budget may need to consider buying this type of chair.

Powered Wheelchair

A powered wheelchair is the main alternative and opposite of a standard manual chair. A power or electric chair is designed to help people who can no longer propel themselves and need the assistance of a battery to propel them around.

This type of chair is used both indoor and outdoor. For people who struggle with a manual wheelchair, it is imperative that you look into power wheelchair.


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