The One Size Fits All Wheelchair

Does the one size fits all wheelchair really work?  It is amazing how many Americans and elected officials still think that all wheelchairs are the same and that a one-step approach fits all is the ideal solution.

This is a totally misguided idea by the funders who want a simple cookie cutter solution to wheelchairs. After all a wheelchair is just seat and 4 wheels, a shopping cart that has been pimped out.

Maybe it is the feeling that wheelchair users are getting a free ride thanks to tax payers and payers of insurance premiums. There is nothing worse than a person who doesn’t have a wheelchair that doesn’t fit their needs, especially if you are a large framed person and you are being forced into a one size fits all wheelchair.

The One Size Fits All Wheelchair

Does One Size Really Fit All?

This one size fits all idea is more than just the actual size of the wheelchair. They want to standardize everything, from the way it looks to the price. They want one wheelchair to fit anyone with any disability and it doesn’t matter what your physical disability is or how you actually function in spite of your disability. The user’s size doesn’t matter, where and how they use the wheelchair doesn’t matter.

This is the perfect solution for the funders like Medicaid, Medicare and insurance companies who are led by clueless and heartless elected officials who would be more than happy to pass laws to standardize as much as possible.

Having to Use the Wrong Size of Chair

If this one size fits all approach becomes the norm, wheelchair users risk their health and independence. There are countless dangers when the wheelchair user is forced to use the wrong wheelchair. The list of dangers is virtually endless and you can use your imagination to think up of just a few frightening scenarios.

There is plenty of blame to go around, but you can’t blame the regular able bodied person, they have no reason to be in the one size fits all wheelchair. You can’t blame the wheelchair user for being forced into the wrong wheelchair. They usually have to go with whatever the funders will pay for or whatever the provider wants to get off their hands.

Standard wheelchairs do have their place and they do a great job for many people.  The problem arises when the user can’t use the standard set up. What do we do with those cases? Do we just toss them indoors and lock them away forever? Well even if it wasn’t intended, the one size fits all approach is already creating people who are prisoners in their own home just because they can’t get a suitable wheelchair.

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