Number 1 Trick to Avoiding Mobility Device Surprises

The Number 1 Trick to Avoiding Mobility Device Surprises/ Problems

Did you ever buy new technology such as a mobile phone but then you find out it is useless or requires additional expenses? With that in mind, mobility devices are very personalized devices and everyone is looking for something a bit different. You can’t tell much from a simple picture if the new device like a lift chair will be suitable for your purposes.

To help you avoid unnecessary surprises, we will give you the best trick ever to getting the mobility device of your dreams. In this short guide, you will learn the vital piece of info you will need when buying a mobility device. Are you ready to jump in?

How To Find Out Everything About A Mobility Device In Less Than 1 Hour

Always do a test drive of your mobility device before your final purchase. But we will look even beyond the test drive in this guide. If the test drive is at the top of the list, going through the owner’s manual is next on the list. There isn’t a more important document you can read before buying your mobility product.

In the owner’s manual you will discover all the details the makers and sales teams seem to conveniently forget to tell you. The manual will give you the details of maintenance, like the battery life and how long certain parts will last.

This info is vital when calculating the cost of ownership. You will also discover the warnings and restriction about how to use the equipment here. All mobility devices come with a long list of safety precautions and restrictions.

Product Brochures

You will always see fancy and colorful brochures with mobility devices like bath lifts or wheelchair ramps. You only get a small part of the story in these brochures. You never hear about the owner’s manual until you actually buy the device.

You need to ask for the manual specifically, particularly if shopping in person but you might be able to download it from the maker’s website.

When you have a demo of the device, be sure to get the manual either before or after. Do not purchase any equipment before seeing it. The responsibility of seeing the manual will fall on the customer, don’t expect the sales people to fork it over voluntarily; most of them have no intention of giving it to you anyhow. Have fun shopping and good luck!

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