Seniors, compared to other age groups, are the most prone to injury. The main reason is that their bodies are deteriorating and they are not as strong or stable as they were before. They might have difficulties doing the daily activities they were used to doing in their younger days.

Older folks are therefore more likely to be involved in falling accidents, which can result in serious injuries in some cases. If you have an older member in your family, the following are some reasons for the causes of their injuries. This list can be helpful in preventing or reducing the risk of injuries to them.

Reasons why older people get injured and require a wheelchair

Falls This is always a major concern with seniors.  In the past, falling has been the leading cause of death for seniors. It has resulted in more death in seniors than heart disease and cancer. Therefore minimizing the risk of falling is very important.

Even more concerning is the fact that 50% of seniors had some kind of fall in the past year.

Physical and Emotional Abuse Sadly another reason why seniors get injured is because of physical abuse.

The abuse is often caused by those who are entrusted to the care of these seniors. The abusers often take advantage of the senior’s weakness and dependency.

Traffic Accidents – There are millions of seniors driving on the roads on any given day. Unfortunately some of them are not fit to drive anymore and as a result can be involved in some serious traffic accidents. They can injure not only themselves but also other road users as well.

Fires If a fire breaks out in a home where a senior is alone an unable to get themselves to safety, serious injuries and even death can result. Seniors suffer the most injuries when there is a residential fire.

These are the leading causes of injuries for seniors. Now that you are aware of these problems you can take steps to protect your elderly love one.

Minimizing Obstacles

If a senior is coming to live with you, make sure you minimize the hazards that might result in injury to them. The doorways need to be wide enough for a wheelchair to go through, and there should be adequate handle bars throughout the house, particularly in the bathrooms.

The household needs an evacuation plan in the event of fire, one that even the senior can use. They should not drive alone if at all possible.

These tips are a great stating point to help reduce injury to senior loved ones both inside and outside the home.


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