Buying used or refurbished medical devices is not necessarily a sacrifice on quality. In reality, the big differences between brand new and used medical devices is the cost and how much time you have to invest in order to find a good deal.

You can save over 50% by purchasing refurbished equipment compared to buying it brand new. Purchasing refurbished medical devices is very popular among doctors who are establishing small practices.

Reduced Priced Equipment

For every piece of equipment that is available brand new, you will be able to find something similar that is used and at a much reduced price. The equipment can vary from IV poles all the way to ultrasound machines.

Refurbished medical devices means that some highly skilled medical technicians have restored that piece of equipment to its almost new condition before it was released back to the market.

Refurbished Medical Equipment

What ever needed fixing was fixed, all worn out old parts would have been replaced and the device now works just as well as any other comparable new piece of equipment. If you decide to go with refurbished medical equipment, you will be able to find high end devices that are durable for over 50% off the regular brand new price.

Is there any reason to go for new equipment? With brand new medical equipment you have the advantage of knowing exactly what you are paying for. New medical equipment also comes with a factory warranty and it is therefore guaranteed to perform in a proper way for a certain period of time.

Warranty for Used Equipment (very rare)

You don’t have to spend time shopping around and you don’t have to worry about quality or durability. You simply buy the piece of equipment.

You might also be able to get warranties for refurbished devices. This will involve doing a bit of research and taking a closer look at some of the dealers. All refurbished medical equipment companies have their own policies on warranties and guaranties.

However, if the extra time doing the research is worth the money you save, buying refurbished medical equipment for your practice is definitely worth it.

Always do a background check on the company selling the refurbished devices before making your final purchase. Check out their service and standards of quality and most importantly look at their customer reviews.


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