There are various ways to injure yourself when sliding in a wheelchair seat. Sliding in a seat is a result of being poorly positioned while using a wheelchair. There are numerous mobility issues that can happen when sliding occurs, digestion and/or respiration can be restricted and may cause long-term illness. Furthermore, when sliding occurs while seated, upper extremities may be restricted from movement.

If sliding happens on a wheelchair, you can also suffer from skin breakdown and pressure sores. This can cause long-term illness with individuals who may have sensitive skin issues, such as dermatitis. Another issue with sliding is that the user will need to be repositioned by a caretaker every time that they are in an uncomfortable position, which would not be convenient for either person.

Anti-Slipping in Wheelchair 

Sliding can be a serious issue when it comes to physical injuries and falling out of the chair, more than likely hurting yourself in the process. You should think about the laws of physics, things that are at a stand still tend to stay that way, but things that are in motion will stay in motion. Meaning that while you are suffering from sliding in the seat of the chair, there is a high probability that you will slide out of the chair if you are already in a bad position.

There is a great deal of caution laid out nowadays when it comes to anti-slippage in a wheelchair. This includes options such as quick fixes, or Band-Aids such as elevating leg rests, wedge-shaped cushions, a non-slip surface on top of the chair cushion, and other ways to temporarily fix the problem.

Ergonomic Wheelchairs are Great for Anti-Slippage

Heed the word “temporary” in the previous sentence, because temporary can only mean that the issue will be thrown on the back burner once one of these quick fixes works. But in the long-term, these solutions would not work because you are not really fixing the root of the problem.

The long-term solution to the issue of slippage is none other than Karman’s Ergonomic Wheelchairs. Because the seat is designed to prevent slippage right when you get it out of the box. The great part about this is that it provides a superior seating frame that is meant to be more stable for the user in the long-term.


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