There is a device called “power assist wheels” that attaches to a manual wheelchair and allows the user to convert their manual chair into an electric wheelchair. This would allow a user to go longer distances when commuting or traveling outdoors. This device can be used sporadically when a user feels the need for assistance when propelling.

Power assist wheels would ideal for those who have suddenly lost the ability to use their upper limbs to propel their chair on their own. Other situations where a device like this would be useful is if the user is traveling a long way from home, and they propel themselves maybe half of the trip.

They would then be tired of propelling the wheels on the chair, that the tail end of the commute the user would use this device to allow them to rest their arms while still moving forward with their excursion.

Power Assist Attachment

When faced with the issue of a manual wheelchair not being enough to get you around anymore, you may feel the need to go out and buy a power wheelchair to make up for it. But sometimes an electric chair is not the most ideal choice, because they aren’t very compact and foldable. For this reason, some people like the idea of keeping their manual chair while adding a power assist device to help them get around. This makes it easier for some people, as a manual wheelchair with a power assist attachment, will still be way more foldable than a power chair.

If you purchase an electric wheelchair and you don’t own a large vehicle to accommodate fitting that type of chair, then you will have a problem storing and taking the chair to other places. With a manual wheelchair with a power assist attachment, you can just disengage the attachment and fold the wheelchair frame to fit it into small vehicles without any hassles.


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