Manual Wheelchair Companies are part of the medical equipment/device industry, they provide manually powered wheelchairs that can be used for various disabilities, and can also include various specific features to cater the user.

Manual wheelchair companies provide a large amount of manual wheelchairs, including lightweight wheelchairs, ultra light wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, ergonomic wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs, tilting wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, and many other categories of wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs are usually self-propelled chairs, meaning that the user must propel themselves forward in order to move the chair.

This is done by pushing on the handrims that are placed on top of the wheelchair rims, this allows the user to have a comfortable angle, where they can maneuver the wheelchair without obstruction or hesitation. Self-propelled wheelchairs promote independence and confidence, because the user does not have to rely on someone like a caregiver, having to push them in order to move from their current location.

Transport Wheelchairs and Companion Chairs

There also Manual wheelchair companies that offer “companion wheelchairs“, or chairs that must be propelled with the help of a person holding onto the handles on the back of the backrest, in order to move the user forward.

This means that the person that is pushing the wheelchair user, are responsible for braking and slowing down the chair whenever the user does not feel comfortable on a certain type of terrain or situation that may arise.

Companion wheelchairs are usually called transport wheelchairs, the name itself says plenty about what type of chair this is, it is made to be used while traveling or if the user cannot propel themselves indoor and outdoor.

There are various manual wheelchair companies in the US, Karman Healthcare is one of the best wheelchair manufacturers within the United States, we provide high quality manual wheelchairs that cater from the average user, to a user that is looking for a specific type of wheelchair.

Regardless of what type of wheelchair you are looking for, we can provide you with the ultimate comfortable and durable wheelchair, that can change your life the day that you start using it.

There are manual wheelchair companies that are retailers, that provide our products through their website, here is a list of our top manual wheelchair companies that carry our line of wheelchairs and accessories.

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