If you are currently using a wheelchair, it is extremely important to remember that you need to take great care of your skin. Poor blood circulation, along with deterioration of sensation and muscle function, could lead to pressure blisters developing over time.

Planning ahead is the most important thing to ensure that your skin is healthy; you can reduce the risk of developing skin conditions by creating good hygienic habits right from the start.

Preventing Pressure Sores, Pre-Emptive Treatment

Be careful to check your bottom and the surrounding area for any developing sores. If you are vigilant enough on a daily basis, you can prevent pressure sores from developing and becoming infected.

A mirror is your best friend when it comes to checking the potential problem areas; this is an alternative to having someone, such as a caregiver, aiding you in the process.

Caregiver is an Option

A caregiver may be necessary if you do not have the strength to do this on your own, or if you suffer from a condition that may prevent you from doing this safely.

Whenever you spot an area that is even mildly affected by pressure sores, you should contact your doctor to set up an appointment to prevent these open wounds from becoming infected.

Get to the Source of the Problem

It is always better to prevent any type of skin damage from occurring, as this can become a frequent frustration with some users. Once you get a pressure sore large enough, you will have to suffer through the pain and inconvenience of healing the open wound.

Having a healthy diet can complement your good habits to avoid pressure blisters from developing. This includes not only the healing process of an open wound, but also the prevention of an open wound and reinforcement of the skin.

Good Dieting can Help Prevent Skin Problems

Good habits when it comes to eating can also prevent you from developing an illness that can make your skin more sensitive then it already is. Other things recommended are along the lines as the previous suggestion. Good habits may also include avoiding smoking of cigarettes that can constrain blood circulation, which would be detrimental to healing the skin.

When it comes to skin care, you should always be cautious of your skin being moist or wet because this can promote the type of surface that is prone to rashes and skin disease.


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