Personalizing a wheelchair could be enjoyable if you’d want to put in a few unique touches to your daily ride. From stickers to LED lighting, you will discover many ways to personalize your chair to allow you to showcase your personality without spending too much.

Wheelchairs may also be custom-made with functions that help satisfy physical requirements also, however a focus for younger or imaginative individuals who utilize wheelchairs is frequently how to make them appear more attractive and draw focus back to the vibrant characteristics of the person sitting down in the chair.



1. Look into wheelchair under glow, a current wave that’s received some interest on YouTube along with in impaired groups. Under glow is just LED lighting attached to the underside of an electrical power wheelchair, which definitely makes it get noticed after dark.

To under glow your personal chair, you need to buy LED custom light fixtures such as circular LED accessory lights or LED psycho domes, you can get via Pep Boys and Auto Lumination. Each lighting product includes its very own set up directions.

Some have a good adhesive back and you press it to make it turn on, yet others might be attached with powerful adhesive or pins, and you direct the lights with a tiny remote. If you want an obvious and plain solution to set up an under glow, just buy a strand of battery-operated LED Christmas bulbs and affix it to the bottom of your chair utilizing big safety pins to make sure there’s a snug fit against the chair.

Apply strong tape to secure the power supply to the lower back of your chair, or perhaps put it in a compact hanging pouch. After getting the power packs set up, it is possible to by hand turn your light bulbs on and off, or use a remote in the event your light string includes one.

2. Make use of bumper stickers, yet another fun and low priced way to personalize your wheelchair. Several online sites offer them, and you can even design your very own at Cafe Press, Zazzle, or Custom Ink.

Many retailers which sell wheelchairs also have bumper stickers, and those you will find essentially anyplace, along with decals, can add some individuality to your chair. Attach them on the rear of your wheelchair where everyone can easily see them.

3. Get colorful wheelchair components, that are easily obtainable and can bring a bit of life to a normal black or grey chair. Have a look at the primary-colored wheels and tie-down mounts that are neon-colored. Cutting edge, vibrant upholstery is also available for several wheelchair brands.

4. Put in rhinestones that stick to the handles and frame of your chair, or put in decorations on the handles, such as streamers, flags, o r wire-stemmed accessories. You will discover truly limitless solutions to individualize your wheelchair.

With some craftiness and a rewarding search for the perfect add-ons, your wheelchair will be adorned in a manner that’s distinctly you.


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