When choosing a new wheelchair, color choice will undoubtedly  be one of the tougher decisions you will have to make. You want a color that reflects your personality while being practical. This rest of this article will help make your decision easier.


Wheelchair Color – The Basics

The most popular colors for wheelchairs are black, blue, silver and red. Blue seems to the most popular in Western cultures. However, there are those who want lots more choice and some manufacturers offer up to 25 different colors (for manual wheelchairs). Power wheelchairs have less options due to the parts and complexity of the design.

The “Functionality” of Wheelchair Color

The research of color’s impact on humans is a science – which ties back to color selection as probably the most emotional part of wheelchair selection. Nevertheless, beyond the psychology of coloring, there’s in fact a “functionality” to the color choice of wheelchairs, as well, and recognizing the functionality will help in one’s decision process and fulfillment.

The Look and Feel of a Wheelchair

Simple care and most effective look of a wheelchair’s surface finish in the long run is essential to most people, and color selection plays an important part. Shades of silver are one of the most forgiving, considerably less prone to revealing dirt and scuff marks.

Likewise, shades of champaign and blue ( particularly metallics ), are likewise quite forgiving. Alternatively, solid light shades, such as white and yellow, and pastels like pink, easily reveal grime and scuff marks, which makes them less suitable for long-term appearance.

Color-way Choices

Black is a favorite color with those who want their wheelchairs to “blend in”, some not wanting to call any focus to themselves. But yet, what’s interesting is the fact that an all-black surface finish can in fact make some wheelchairs seem much more “cumbersome” than they really are, detracting from a positive look and feel.

Colorful Wheelchair

Purchasers frequently mention wanting a particularly colorful wheelchair for safety purposes, thinking that a neon green frame, for instance, can make them a lot more noticeable among roadway traffic.

However, wheelchair framework color really isn’t a suitable method of visibility. Pick the frame color you really want overall, however leave the task of visibility to a surer option of a blaze orange jacket, vest, or flag that’s up high where it’s really noticed.

A Wheelchair is a 5-Year Commitment

Note that wheelchair styles tend to change over time, even your personal preference changes over time. So you really need to think about your color selection, especially if it is a daring one. Will I like this color in 5 years? If you have to think twice, you might be better off with a safer color.

Making the Choice

In truth, as apparently subjective as selecting a wheelchair color may be, when one applies some strategy to it – taking into account long-term care, recognizing exactly how it reflects all around look, and making sure it’s a color which you can put up with for a minimum of 5 years – it could be a simple, sensible, and satisfying selection.

In the end, if one chooses a color that’s wears nicely in all areas – looking good to its owner as well as others in the long run – that’s the perfect color for you!

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