If you are currently a teacher or a student, your life revolves around being a classroom for hours at a time. This means that if you use a wheelchair, you will find the need to plan ahead of time how you will bring a wheelchair into the room. Once you have placed the chair in the classroom, you will need to figure out where you will have the most space and the most visibility in the room.

If you are bringing a wheelchair to a classroom, you will also need to figure out how you will get the wheelchair to school in the first place. If you have a dependent individual who drives you there, then you can plan out ahead how you will transport the chair in their vehicle.

If they have a trunk or storage space in the back of the vehicle, you can fold the chair into a compact shape, to be able to fit it into a tight space. If they have a tiny vehicle, you may have to look into acquiring a wheelchair rack, which is placed on the rear side of the car.

Contacting the Student or Relatives

Now, if you are teacher who will need to assess how to aid a student who uses a wheelchair, there are some things you will need to do other than thinking about how to transport the wheelchair.

A point of contact for the disabled student or their relatives is a top priority. Make sure you call them before they need to come in for class to be able to know what type of assistance they will require. Their current condition will be able to tell you what the extent of their illness is.

What does the Student Require from You?

You may want to find whether the individual requires a caretaker or caregiver in order to get around school. This means that the student can either self-propel the wheelchair, or they will need to come to class with another individual who can help them, the other option is that you as a teacher will need to take responsibility for that student during class.

Some other important information may be required for you to fully know what the student needs during a class session.

If he accidentally drops something from his desk, without any knowledge, you may be forced to watch him struggle to pick it up from the floor because you didn’t do any research beforehand.


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